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June 20, 2016 Fishing Report

Well, here it is June 20 and I am slow letting you all know what is happening in my fishing world. It has been fun seeing how the season is progressing again. It is pretty predictable for the most part. It seemed to be a little later here to start but is heating up pretty good on schedule it seems. The following is what I think I know about what is going on:

Missouri River Pick City area: the river has been good with lots of fish altho there are lots of smaller ones. There are still plenty of fish in the 14-22 inch range if you stay at it. It seems I am finding fish in more spots now than a couple of weeks ago. I have been mostly using crawlers with either a spinner, a propeller blade or a lindy for the most part. The slow death hooks also work but I don't see them working any better than the standard hooks. It has been a slower bite on the crankbaits in the river for me.

Lake Sakakawea: The lake is picking up nicely now. There seems to be more and more fish around and they can be found from shallow to deep depending on the day and time of day. The fish are in really nice shape also so there must be plenty of food for them. Lake Sakakawea, as usual can be very finicky---it will make you a hero catching fish one day and make you look like you have never fished in your life the next. It can make you very humble hahaha It should continue to improve in the coming weeks. I have been catching fish on both live bait and crankbaits so if I had to pick one or the other, it would be a tough choice. Try both and you should find one working for you.

Lake Audubon: as usual, this lake has been producing but you need to keep moving to find them. There is a lot of structure out there. I would work the edges of the week lines as a starter with either cranks or bait. They both seem to work depending on the day.

I have not been fishing the Bismarck area and am only hearing that there are some fish around but mostly small fish.

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the weather and the great outdoors here in North Dakota. Take it all in when you can as we know winter comes sooner than we like some times.


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